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Dongguan Lisheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. After years of struggle and innovation, it has formed an environmental protection and energy-saving high-tech company integrating technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, engineering installation, maintenance and sales.

The company specializes in production and sales: garment automatic assembly line, intelligent warehousing and logistics transmission equipment, clothing and luggage manufacturing auxiliary equipment (cutting bed, workbench, turnover car, storage shelf), ERP production management software system, energy saving and environmental protection air conditioning, water curtain ventilation cooling Equipment, energy-saving products, air energy hot water and waste heat recovery equipment. Professional design, professional installation, and undertake all types of enterprise production workshop whole plant planning, overall installation and renovation project, garment JIT lean production consulting management project, plant energy saving, environmental ventilation cooling, central air conditioning installation engineering.

Through the introduction of the absorption of advanced technology in the same industry at home and abroad, we actively explore and continuously improve and improve the product structure. Always guarantee the product energy saving and environmental protection and advanced technology.

In recent years, it has continuously developed and produced many types of automatic line equipment for garments, supporting garment ERP, RFID management system and software development and application; it has the first in China, advanced structure, excellent performance, strong functionality, simple and practical. Can meet all seasons of clothing, using lean line operations.

Customer-oriented, Shoucheng management, meticulous manufacturing, excellent service for business policy; integrity, win-win, innovation, beyond the entrepreneurial spirit, using advanced technology design and production, is committed to providing customers with quality, extreme Competitive product


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