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Assembly line equipment for those industries

The most common way of assembling assembly line equipment is the cross-type belt line equipment, which can meet the requirements of different production processes by adjusting the line conveying speed. The conveyor belt is made of anti-static, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, and food-grade belts. It can be flexibly selected according to the application.


The assembly line equipment uses the continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt to transport a variety of light and heavy items, which can transport a variety of bulk materials, as well as a variety of cardboard boxes, packaging bags and other small pieces of goods, a wide range of uses.

According to the production operation, it can be used: normal continuous operation, cycle operation, variable speed operation and other control modes;

The line body of the assembly line is selected as needed: straight lines, curved roads, slopes, and the like.

It is widely used in meat processing industry, frozen food industry, aquatic product processing industry, beverage and food, dairy processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, processing and manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products processing industries and many other industries.

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