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How can companies improve production efficiency? How should we optimize the pipe

Optimize the operation time of the first station of the assembly line, and how long it takes to put a board, which is the investment time necessary to meet the production plan. But in fact, the operation time of the bottleneck station is inevitably larger than the first station. The first station must not be the bottleneck station, so the first station may not be fully invested according to the required time, because the bottleneck station has slowed down his speed. Therefore, from the perspective of management, it is necessary to require the first station operator to invest at the prescribed speed. The conveyor speed of the assembly line can also be used to calculate the daily output. The following is the formula for the conveyor speed:

Pitch time of the conveyor belt = working time / daily output of the whole day * (1 + non-performing rate)

Conveyor speed = mark separation distance / pitch time of the conveyor belt

The so-called mark separation distance, the distance between the marks made on the belt of the pipeline, it is hoped that the operator completes the work according to the speed at which the mark flows and places it on the belt line, but the refining line is not marked, the length of the board is used. As the mark separation distance. Why use a conveyor belt?

In addition to transporting items, there are also semi-mandatory operators who perform the functions of the work as planned, but instead of speeding up the trial, they should be calculated according to the above formula.

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