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What factors affect the efficiency of pipeline management?

Due to the management work of the assembly line manufacturers, it is not only about the assembly line itself, but also related to other aspects. If these factors are not handled well, it will greatly affect the efficiency of the pipeline management and even jeopardize the entire management process.

The working group is a labor collective that organizes the interconnected workers in the production process on the basis of the division of labor. It is the most basic form of labor organization in industrial enterprises, and it reflects the cooperative relationship of labor division in space. It is necessary to organize an operation group in the following cases: production work cannot be carried out separately for individuals, but when several workers need to be completed together; in order to take care of large and complex linkages; there is a close connection between the labor results of workers, and labor cooperation and When cooperating; workers do not have fixed work units or work tasks, in order to facilitate the deployment of workers' work; in order to make production and preparation work closely.

The organization of the operation group should be based on the production conditions that are conducive to strengthening cooperation, rational use of labor, and improvement of labor productivity, from the actual production line of the production line, according to specific production conditions. A work group may be a production team. Under normal circumstances, the size of the work group is smaller than that of the production group.

Pipeline manufacturers rationally organize the production process refers to the process of different stages of the production process, between different processes, in the time connection and space layout to achieve coordination, close coordination, to meet the continuity of production, proportionality, Parallelism and rhythmic requirements. Currently, the most advanced form of production organization is the flow of water, because it can meet the above requirements. Through this form of production organization, enterprises can get the most economic effects with as little manpower, material resources and financial resources as possible.

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Different production types have different economic effects, which have a great impact on the production technology, management and planning of the enterprise.

Single-piece production, due to many varieties and small batch sizes, can only use general equipment and tools, so the manual labor ratio is significant, the product consumes labor, the labor productivity is low, the production process is interrupted for a long time, the production cycle is long, and the liquidity turnover is slow. The product cost is high.

Batch production, due to large output, stable production line, partial use of special equipment and extensive use of special process equipment, so can greatly reduce product labor, improve labor productivity, good continuity in the production process, less interruption time, It can shorten the production cycle of the production line, accelerate the turnover of liquidity, and lower the product cost.

Mass production, due to the high output, the high degree of specialization of the work site, the extensive use of special equipment and equipment, the labor consumption of the products is greatly reduced, the labor productivity is greatly improved, the production process is continuous, the interruption time is greatly reduced, and the production cycle is greatly reduced. Shorten, the liquidity turnover is greatly accelerated, and the product cost is greatly reduced.
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