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Important factors in the competition of assembly line electronics manufacturing

The current situation of electronic assembly lines As the global economic integration continues to intensify, China, as a manufacturing power, has made great breakthroughs in the fields of electronic assembly line assembly, SMT patching, PCB assembly, etc., and the scale and quantity of enterprises are increasing. The increase in cost pressures, the shortened product life cycle, the increasing complexity of equipment and the lack of transparency and unforeseen demand forecasts have become important factors in the competition of today's world-class electronics manufacturing industry.

The fierce competition, the tightening of product profits, the safety of product quality, the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and the importance of global market and brand maintenance have placed higher demands on companies in the electronics assembly industry. The implementation of MES will be The business is a good way out.

Current status of assembly line electronics assembly enterprises

In terms of cost, manufacturing companies often hope to reduce the cost of working hours by further digging capacity to increase productivity and reduce rework and maintenance to reduce worthless operations. Because the life cycle of electronic products is short and the proportion of procurement costs is high, reducing the inventory of the workshop and reducing the sluggishness of the original materials and even the amount of reporting will also be an important direction of cost management.

Since most of the domestic assembly electronics manufacturing companies are mainly contract manufacturing, how to improve customer satisfaction and ensure that pipeline companies receive valuable orders is also the focus of managers. Faced with strict customer audit requirements, how to ensure traceability of product production and rework process, timely and correct response to customers, and ability to evaluate and handle manufacturing problems affecting customers are daily around corporate managers. Their headaches. Obviously, being able to do well in these details will be the basis for improving customer satisfaction.

For the continuous improvement of the production process management and quality control capabilities of electronic assembly companies, it has long been a must-have for excellent manufacturing companies. How to effectively manage manufacturing plan changes, work-in-process monitoring, adaptation to new product engineering changes, quality traceability and timely improvement are all key points for manufacturing companies to consider.

In the assembly electronics manufacturing industry, ensuring the stability of the production process and improving and improving the key manufacturing capabilities is the management focus of most manufacturing companies, but lacks effective methods and means. The old processes and operating modes are often paralyzed. The manager's ability to innovate and improve ultimately limits the pace at which pipeline companies move toward superior manufacturing.
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